At Stonehouse B&B we care deeply about the environment and strive to embrace eco-friendly practices.

Shop Local - When practical, we purchase our produce and supplies from local sources, often directly from island farmers and entrepreneurs. This not only reduces shipping impacts but also supports the local economy and gives us a more personal connection with our suppliers.

Recycle - We recycle most types of waste products, drastically reducing the amount of garbage that ends up in the landfill. Composted food scraps transform into fine soil to enrich our new garden that will be providing the freshest produce for our table.

Conscientious Options - Our guests care about the environment too, so we offer options as to how often they would like their linens and towels changed.

Geothermal Energy - Stonehouse has a geothermal heat collection system for generating heat and hot water which avoids much of the environmental impact of traditional greenhouse gas emitting energy sources.

Between two and three meters deep beneath the field there is a constant year-round temperature of about 7 degrees Celsius (45 degrees F). In that strata have been laid more than a kilometer of coiled PVC pipe through which fluid constantly circulates absorbing that temperature. When that fluid returns to the geothermal plant the heat pump removes up to 4 degrees Celsius (7 F) and returns the fluid to the field at about 3 degrees where it is rewarmed by the ground to 7 degrees. The extracted heat is accumulated in water within the enclosed system in the buildings and results in a constant reservoir of water heated to 57 degrees Celsius (135 F). This hot water is used to heat the buildings, to provide hot water for showers and baths and to heat the hot tub.

Curious visitors may be interested to know that the cost of installing the geothermal system was equal to about 14 years of conventional heating bills (at the 2008 rate). After 14 years the costs of all heating will be about 10% of the conventional technology with no carbon footprint.

So, not only will your hot tub soak be without environmental impact, it may even seem a bit magical that through technology so much heat comes from the ground beneath our feet.

Green Future - As part of our commitment to the environment we will be continually looking for new ways to save energy and other resources while maintaining the high standards of luxury and comfort that set us apart.