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Explore The Grounds

Resident deer graze and wander over the 4 acres of softly rolling hillside. Quiet visitors will see deer most mornings and evenings grazing around the property, amongst the standing stones, down the tree-lined country lane or in the field below amidst the wild flowers and indigenous grasses. Near the house they love to nibble the clover and mosses in the lawn.

A stroll around the perimeter, exploring as one goes, provides fresh air and invigoration. Well-prepared visitors might sit in the meadow with their wine, cheese and other tasty nibbles and be lost to the world for hours.

Sitting among the standing stones, whether reading, writing, painting or just taking in the day, you find yourself transitioning to a pace of life long overlooked by the urban busyness of modern society. Watch eagles, hawks and other raptors float upon the updrafts while ravens cackle and swallows dive and tumble, all making a feast for the senses.