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The Island

Salt Spring Island is the largest of British Columbia's Southern Gulf Islands. Blest with a mild microclimate reminiscent of parts of the Mediterranean, these islands are home to varieties of plants and animals found nowhere else, and feature unique geological features first carved by the retreating glaciers of the last ice-age and then transformed by time and nature into the jewels that we find today.

The community has roots that include the original Coast Salish peoples, later joined by pioneering families from the Old World, the Kanakas from Hawai'i, freed slaves from the USA, and many others. In more recent decades, the island became a haven for artists, writers, and thinkers of every flavour, as well as modern day migrants escaping the urban jungle, all blending into a unique, diverse, progressive and creative community like no other. Visitors are welcomed warmly, and invited to participate in the laid-back island lifestyle.

Artists and artisans display their creations at the famous Salt Spring Saturday Market from April through October and at craft fairs in December. Many of them also welcome visitors to their studios and workshops for a more personal experience. A Studio Tour map is available as a guide. Several fine art galleries add to the experience, collectively creating one of North America's top small-town arts destinations.

Wild or idyllic rural settings are to be discovered around each bend in the road, while forests, parks, hiking trails, lakes, and seashores all beckon to be explored. There is a plethora of out-door recreational activities to choose from, such as golfing, sailing, horseback riding, kayaking, beachcombing, fishing, swimming, tennis, and many more.

Ganges village, the island's "downtown", has an extensive selection of unique shops to explore and a wide range of services. Further south, Fulford Harbour is home to more fun and funky places to check out.

Treat your taste buds to a tour of the island's cheese makers, wineries, bakeries and farm stands.