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Standing Stone Circle

The Standing Stone Circle, created for the Stonehouse by artist, Ron Crawford, is located immediately south of the main house in a field sloping gently towards the sea. There are 13 erected stone columns on a 13-meter radius each between 4 and 5 meters in height. Within the circle, but not concentric with it, stands a smaller circle of 8 standing stones on an 3-meter radius each between 2 and 3 meters tall. The stones of this smaller inner circle are called The Witnesses. From a distance they seem tiny compared to the stones of the main circle but as one approaches them it becomes apparent that these "tiny" stones are mostly bigger than us.

Visitors outside the summer season stand a good chance of being with the stones at their most beautiful and mysterious: in the fog. In the centre of the Standing Stone Circle is a slate stone patio with a sunken stone fire pit to warm the night and cast an ancient light. Rise with the sun or sit quietly on the seaward facing deck in the evening and watch the deer graze among the Stones. The Standing Stone Circle is intended to signify nothing more than enduring stillness and peace.