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Spring is perhaps the wiliest of the approaching seasons. Little hints appear here and there; a crocus shoot, a few nibs of latent leaf buds, but they are only teasers. Days, even weeks can pass between each tantalizing promise of what is to come. And yet, the observer can tune in to the transformations and revel in each outburst of new life. The pace of change accelerates exponentially though, and soon it is no longer possible to chronicle each re-birth. Suddenly the muted shades of winter are transposed to vibrant greens punctuated with yellows, pinks, and every other imaginable colour as countless varieties of blooms, both wild and cultivated, reclaim their place in the world. A walk along the same path, day after day, is a different experience each time, and it is almost impossible to not get drunk with pleasure at witnessing 'la Primavera'.

While nature is busy being amazing, human island life has been continuing in its usual, colourful, and sometimes eccentric way. Those visitors who venture here during these quieter times of the year have a better opportunity to experience more of the community spirit that underscores life on Salt Spring by participating in social and community events around the island. Stonehouse B&B provides the kind of home-away-from-home atmosphere that allows guests to really settle in and feel like they belong, but be careful - discovering the secret joys of being a Saltspringer can be addictive! You may leave feeling the gnawing pang of just wanting to stay forever.