Retreat to luxury, pure and simple, in the embrace of art and nature.

Stonehouse is the epitome of West Coast comfort and elegance. It offers an unparalleled Salt Spring Island experience set within the dazzling tableau of British Columbia’s Southern Gulf Islands, crowned by the snow-capped volcanic peak of Mount Baker rising majestically across the Salish Sea.

Here, you will find over 4 acres to explore, through tree-lined lanes, gardens and the rolling hillside of the main grounds. Not to mention The Standing Stone Circle, the inspiration for our namesake, renders tangible stillness, endurance, and mystery.



Adorned with a diverse collection of art and other objects that pique curiosities and start conversations, Stonehouse provides a distinctive ambiance for the discerning traveller.


Graceful hospitality and myriad leisure activities allow guests to relax in their home-away-from-home, while gourmet breakfasts featuring the amazing bounty of local producers tantalize the senses.