Explore our grounds, find peace in the stones, and
be lost to the world

There are over 4 acres to explore, through tree-lined lanes, gardens and the rolling hillside of the grounds. A stroll around the perimeter provides fresh air and invigoration. Well-prepared visitors might sit in the meadow with their wine, cheese, and other tasty nibbles and be lost to the world for hours.


Watch eagles, hawks and other raptors float upon the updrafts while ravens cackle and swallows dive and tumble, all making a feast for the senses.


The Standing Stone Circle renders tangible stillness, endurance and mystery

The Standing Stone Circle, created for the Stonehouse by artist, Ron Crawford, is located immediately south of the main house in a field sloping gently towards the sea.

Sitting among the standing stones, whether reading, writing, painting or just taking in the day, you find yourself transitioning to a pace of life long overlooked by the urban busyness of modern society.

There are 13 erected stone columns on a 13-meter radius each between 4 and 5 meters in height. Within the circle, but not concentric with it, stands a smaller circle of 8 standing stones on a 3-meter radius each between 2 and 3 meters tall.

The stones of the smaller inner circle are called The Witnesses. From a distance, they seem tiny compared to the stones of the main circle but as one approaches them it becomes apparent that these “tiny” stones are mostly bigger than us.